TURANDOT Collection

Meet the demands of specific consumers with fashionable, comfortable and individualized functions

The people-oriented minimalist design pursues the fitness between consumers and products and the versatility of products. 

The products are designed to meet the demands of specific consumers with functions, fashion, comfort and aesthetics.

It is not only necessary to study the product itself, but also to complete the in-depth mining of the needs of specific groups of users, 

and accurately propose specific solutions to create a series of functional products to meet specific groups.


TURANDOT | PROGRESSIVE Collection,Starting with the progressive multi-focus lens and blending the demand for a user-friendly wearing experience, 

the frame angle is adjusted accurately to develop a series of progressive multi-focus lens to meet the demands of users. 

The frame’s height of 34-36mm ensures a vision wide enough within a short or long range and achieves the best visual effect for the wearers.


TURANDOT | MINI Collection

Select the structure from the classic products series, 

structures and styles are improved and the sizes and angles are adjusted carefully to ensure that the spectacles are comfortable to the teenagers and small-face users. 

It combines the enthusiasm and vitality of teenagers with the understated simplicity of adults, creating a unique sense of hierarchy

TURANDOT | MINI Collection

Super-high myopia lens


TURANDOT has opened a new chapter of Voss product matrix by adhering to the consistent minimalist design and blending the warmth of affection. 

Starting from actual demands, functional products are developed for high-myopia users to increase the options of products. 

While retaining aesthetics and functions, the most suitable products are designed for high-myopia users.

Super-high myopia lens