In May 2018, VOSS officially entered the Chinese market and launched the designer brand
VOSS Made its debut in Beijing International Optical Fair
VOSS Officially launched the first screw-free patented structure
VOSS In the first year, cooperated with more than 300 key business outlets
The VOSS brand made its debut in the Shanghai International Optical Fair
VOSS Won a prize in the third event of Extraordinary Brand Award
VOSS Launched microfiber collection as light as 2.0 g
VOSS Two patented structures
VOSS Cooperated with more than 500 key business outlets nationwide
VOSS achieved the technology without using any screws, welds and rivets
VOSS One patented structure
VOSS Cooperated with more than 1,500 key business outlets in China
VOSS won the German Red Dot Design Award
VOSS Reached a strategic cooperation with Zeiss Lens
VOSS Four patent structures
VOSS Cooperated with 2,000+ key business outlets nationwide
VOSS exclusive patent won the Ruili Light Luxury Quality Bronze Award
VOSS Won a patent for the cylindrical-axis hinge structure
VOSS Patented concentric circle rotating shaft structure
VOSS Nine patented structures
VOSS There are more than 2,400 cooperative stores in China
VOSS Microfiber Lightweight III Hinge won the German National Design Award
VOSS launches the Turandot MINI series
VOSS has obtained a patented structure
VOSS ultra fiber lightweight III hinge won the 4th Ruili Luxury Fashion Style Award
VOSS has more than 3,000 cooperative stores nationwide

2023 The third Ruili Light Luxury Competition Award

2019 Ruili Light Luxury Brand Competition Award

Extraordinary Brand Awards 2019

Reddot winner product desian

German Design Award


  • 34
    Cooperation cover 34 provincial-level administrative regions
  • 3000+
    Cooperate with 3,000 + merchants nationwide
  • 660
    Sales channels in 660 cities