Brand Origin

A group of like-minded senior glasses designers go on a long journey each year to relax their body and mind and seek creative inspiration and avoid boredom in workplace. In an exploration trip to Norway, the team ran into VOSS, a town of idyllic beauty hidden between Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. Under this circumstance, the brand VOSS was born.

Brand Origin

A pure land
for the heart sparks “new inspiration” for the creation of the brand VOSS

The team invited designers, artists and master craftsmen from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Japan to visit VOSS. The serene purity of Vangsvatnet Lake and the peaceful tranquility of the town aroused their imagination on eyewear and life. VOSS has become a homeland of spiritual purification and inspiration for the designers. They vowed to create an eyewear brand of VOSS with new Nordic design, integrate functional comfort and minimalist, elegant aesthetics, golden age of Nordic design

Starting with purity
forged in the realm of art perfected in a clear vision

The spirit of the brand comes from the original aspiration - to design better spectacles for the wearers. Through innovative and subversive design filled with artistic imagination and adopting high-level manufacture process, VOSS keeps pursuing better designs and creating light and comfortable eyewear for the wearers. By breaking through the traditional design thinking and standards, it has lifted the eyewear design to a new level with rich artistic imagination.

Visible beauty

Beauty is the homeland of all souls. Swedish thinker Ellen Key has advocated beauty for all (SkonhetforAlla). In practicing the equal universal aesthetic claim, VOSS has been pursuing the fashion aesthetics of eyewear with selected materials of warmth, meaningful and original design to carry on the classics, create a gorgeous and romantic style everyone yearns for, and sing praise of the unusual life with colorful splendor and romance.

Perceivable purity

VOSS adheres to the concept that less is more in product design, abandons all non-essential complex functions and spiritual grandiosity, only retains the appropriate proportion and high functionality, so as to achieve a most appropriate interaction between the eyewear and the wearers. VOSS shows its purity.

Wearing comfort

Adhering to the concept of VackrareVardags-vara- (better things for daily use) initiated by Swedish industrial art master Gregor Paulsson, VOSS products embody three-dimensional ergonomics, strictly control the weight, and optimize the contact point design, which are light and minimalist in pursuit of perfect matching and wearing comfort.

Nordic design of luxury

Adhering to the brand belief of “The boundless world,a glance of pure”and the design concept of using no screws, welds and rivets, VOSS adopts biological metals that are extremely light, with low sensitivity and super elasticity, upholds the Nordic minimalist design concept ofalightweightand the aesthetic aim of integrating functional comfort and minimalist elegance, so that each pair of VOSS glasses reveal the wearer’s unique style, distinct personality and charm and become a proud choice of Nordic design.