Refined Collection

Exquisite craftsmanship presents unique elegance

Simple, mature business designs are adopted.On this basis, quality and details are highlighted, achieving simple and elegant appearances and processes

 The combination of elegance and simplicity creates a special business atmosphere


Jewelry grade claw setting and pure hand-polished enamel crafts are adopted.

The seemingly casual match of simple and bright colors and low-profile magnificence makes each product natural and brilliant.


Fiber Texture

Fiber leather has a variety of textures and colors, which makes the spectacle frame appear fashionable and dignified.

Fiber leather is lighter and thinner than traditional leather, boasting excellent air permeability and uniformity of thickness. 

Besides, fiber leather usually has good wear and tear resistance. 

With a smooth surface, it doesn’t hold dust and dirt, and is easy for cleaning and maintenance. 

Fiber leather is a better option for consumers prone to allergy, since it does not contain allergy-causing substances.

Fiber Texture


Cloisonne is famous for its fine metal lines and colorful glaze, highlighting a unique aesthetic effect.

Cloisonne is a traditional handicraft, whose application in the spectacle frame not only improves the aesthetic effect of the products, but also increases their artistic value and taste. 

After firing at a high temperature, Cloisonne has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which helps to improve the durability of the spectacle frame. 

Due to its complex production process and handicraft characteristics, its price is usually high, which belongs to the mid and high-end markets. 

Cloisonne originated in the Tang Dynasty of China, so this process also carries certain cultural and symbolic significance.