RAW Collection

Enjoy the original quality in all-natural and environment-friendly materials

VOSS RAW CollectionMade of rare, elegant and refreshing natural materials to achieve a style of calmness and simplicity; 

decorated with precious wood and buffalo horn under the concept of greenness and environment protection, 

all materials used have reached national environment standards.

 Buffalo horn comes from farmed cattle or comes off adult cattle naturally. 

Natural materials without much processing can best preserve their original color,

 luster and texture and restore their unique texture effect, so that the wearers can perceive the natural texture and feel comfortable and peaceful.

Buffalo horn

The buffalo horn is an ancient and elegant material that is unique in that each horn has a different texture and color, thus making each product unique.

 The buffalo horn is not only beautiful, but also solid and light, which is carefully carved and polished by craftsmen to ensure a special luster and texture. 

Natural buffalo horn presents an elegant and retro style, perfect for the consumers in pursuit of individuality and fashion.

Buffalo horn

Natural precious wood

Precious wood is rare with unique aesthetic properties. 

Each kind of precious wood has its own texture, color and physical properties. 

Their natural textures and warm colors can achieve a warm and elegant artistic texture of the spectacle frame.

 The wood must be finely cut and polished by skilled craftsmen to ensure the quality and texture of the finished products. 

The texture of precious wood not only reflects the wearer’s unique taste, but also shows respect for traditional craftsmanship and natural beauty.

Natural precious wood